Outpatient CT Request Form

Patients must be formally referred to us for CT by a veterinary surgeon. Pet owners cannot self-refer their pet for CT scan.

We will co-ordinate the imaging of the case and our referring vets will be supplied with access to the images as well as a radiologist’s report from VetCT.

During outpatient imaging, the client will have an admission and discharge appointment with a veterinary nurse or veterinary general practitioner. The clients will not be seeing a member of the specialist team.

All patients will be examined by a veterinary surgeon prior to the sedation or anaesthesia.

Contrast media is often used in advanced imaging and should be used with caution in patients with impaired renal or liver function. Patients will therefore have a blood sample to assess renal and hepatic parameters prior to imaging as standard.

Clients will be expected to pay in full for imaging on the day of the procedure. Please ensure clients are aware of the costs before making the imaging referral which are outlined below:

Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
o    One Body Area +/- Contrast 
o    VetCT Report –Standard  
o    £1250
o    Two Body Areas +/- Contrast 
o    VetCT Report – Standard  
o    £1550
o    Three Body Areas +/- Contrast 
o    VetCT Report – Standard  
o    £1850 
Additional Costs
Pre-contrast blood profile £50
VetCT urgent turnaround fee (<24hrs) £90
VetCT urgent turnaround fee (<4hrs) £150

We will not discuss imaging findings with the owners directly, give any treatments for the conditions being investigated or treatment recommendations, except in emergency situations where the patient’s health and welfare is at risk.

We will get in touch with you to confirm the imaging requirements and an appointment time within 48hours of form submission.

Outpatient Imaging Request Form

Practice Details

Client Details

Patient Details

Has the patient been neutered?:

Referral Details

Area to Scan:

* Multiple areas will incur additional charges. *

A contrast agent is typically used when scanning. Is contrast required?:

Have pre-operative bloods been performed prior to admission?:



Please attach the appropriate case history and any additional records e.g. test results, radiographs, ECG tracings etc (Max total file size 8MB).
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